About Us

Metallizing Export Company LLP

We have expanded our manufacturing base on latest technology so that you get most of the thermal spraying facilities under one roof. Metallizing Export Company LLP, have been part of Thermal spray Industry since 1984. Mr. Hariprasad Karwa (Managing Director) is in Thermal Spray Industry since 1975. We have Technical Director Engineer Rohan Karwa to deal with all the technicalities in this field. Our mission is to help you to get better quality products at less cost. We make it easier to get Thermal spray equipments, parts and consumables you need.

Our services include:

  • Supply of complete thermal spray equipments, materials, accessories and supplies
  • Equipment Installation
  • Operators Training
  • Annual maintenance contract of Thermal spray systems
  • Supply of consumables
  • Designing, manufacturing and supply of surface treatment machinery
  • Coating services of the highest quality

MXC also provides a broad, flexible line of automation products for, thermal spray coating applications including FLAME SPRAY, ELECTRIC ARC, PLASMA, HVOF, GRIT BLASTING, and ultra-high pressure WATERJET stripping.With our wide range of metallizing equipments, auxiliary equipments, consumables, we can provide the right choice for your specific application.

Since thermal spraying is a dynamic industry, new customer requirements are continually arising. We take great pride in our company’s performance and ability to adapt to changing industry demands, consistently providing top quality products exceeding customer expectations.

Thermal spray processes can be grouped into four major categories:
Flame Spray, Electric Wire-Arc Spray,High Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF) and Plasma-Arc Spray. MXC have different types of Thermal spray Equipments depending up on source of thermal and kinetic energy and form of coating materials. Each process has different cost, materials flexibility and coating performance capabilities.