Arc Spray Gun- 8830

Plastic Covers & Electrical

S. No.


Part No.

1Control Cable Assenbly-Short8830-112
2AN.O. Start Switch Assy. (Green)8830-112A
2BN.C. Stop Switch Assembly (Red)8830-112B
3Cover Screw, 8 Nos.8830-512
4Long Front Wire Guide Assembly8830-116
5Short Front Wire Guide Assembly8830-115
6Short Rear Wire Guide8830-232-1
7Side Cover Mounting Screw, Rear 2 Nos.8830-515
8Left Side Cover8830-237
9Front Cover8830-243
10Long Rear Wire Guide8830-232-2
11Right Side Cover8830-238
12Front Cover Screw With Retaining Ring8830-118
13Control Cable Assembly-Long8830-113
14Roller Cover (Not Shown) 2 Nos.8830-254

Hoses & Cables

Sl. No.DescriptionPart No.
1Wire Conduits (10 Feet) 2 Nos.8830-111-10
 Wire Conduits (5 Feet) 2 Nos.8830-111-5
2Air Motorcontrol Valve8830-531
3Air Motor Air Hose8830-119
4Control Cable Assembly – Short & Long8830-112/113
5Lightweight Power Leads/Terminal Assembly (Upto 200 Amps.) 2 Nos.8830-114-L
 Heavy Duty Power Leads/Terminal Assembly (Upto 35c Amps.) 2 Nos.8830-114-H
6Atomizing Air Hose8830-120

Side Handle Mount & Gun Bracket

Sl. No.DescriptionPart No.
1.Side Handle Mount & Bracket8830-122
2Gun Mounting Bracket8830-258


Sl. No.DescriptionPart No.
1Tool Kit, 1-Set8830-121
 Mts Grease/Lubricant (Not Shown)8830-1000
 Air Motor Lubricant (Not Shown)8830-10WNR
Sl. No.DescriptionPart No.
1Alignment Housing Assembly8830-105
2ALong Slot Nozzle/Positioner8830-239
2BLong Cross Nozzle/Positioner8830-240
2CShort Slot Nozzle/Positioner8830-239S
2DShort Cross Nozzle/Positioner8830-240S
3ARed Nozzle Cap (Extra Fine) For 1/16” Zinc Only8830-241-1
3BGold Nozzle Cap (Fine/Medium)8830-241-2
3CGreen Nozzle (Medium/Coarse)8830-241-3
3DBlue Nozzle Cap (Medium/Coarse)8830-241-4
4Arcshield Retaining Nut (Rpotective Cap)8830-253
5Front Cover8830-243
7Terminal Cap8830-255
8Insulator, Front End8830-246
9Mounting Plate, Front End8830-245
10AContact Tip, 1/16”, 2 Nos.8830-248-1
10BContact Tip, 2 MM, 2 Nos.8830-248-2
10CContact Tip, 1/8 (3.17MM) 2 Nos.8830-248-3
11Contact Tubes, 2 Nos.8830-234
12Terminal Screw8830-524
13Alignment Housing Mounting Screw, 4 Nos.8830-525
14Front Cover Screw With Retaining Ring8830-118
15Front End Mounting Screw8830-514
 Copper Tips 
Sl. No.DescriptionPart No.
1Bevel Gear Drive Box8830-201
2Inner Yoke Assy.(With Bearings),8830-106
3Outer Yoke Assy. (With Bearings).8830-107
4Rear Cover (With Pin)8830-229
5Left Side Cover8830-237
6Right Side Cover8830-238
7Yoke Support Tube Assy. (Without Bearings)8830-108
8Roller Opening Lever ASSY.,8830-104
9Worm Shaft8830-209
10Side/Cover Gasket8830-236
11Driven Bevel Gear8830-211
12Drive Bevel Gear8830-212
13Worm Wheel/Gear,8830-210
14Roller Shaft,8830-207
15Wire Drive Roller,8830-216
16Motor Exhaust Ring8830-223
17AAir Motor Std. (2200 rpm)8830-511A
17BAir Motor Slow Drive8830-511B
17CAir Motor Slow Drive 18830-511C
18Long Fornt Wire Guide8830-230-2
19Short Fornt Wire Guide8830-230-1
20Short Rear Wire Guide8830-232-1
21Long Rear Wire Guide8830-232-2
22Control Lever Bushing,8830-215
23Front Control Lever Pin8830-226
24Rear Control Lever Dowel8830-227
25Driven Gear Retaining Washer8830-220
26Cover Screw,8830-512
27Side Cover Mounting Screw, Rear8830-515
28Driven Gear Retaining Screw8830-506
29Rear Cover Mounting Screw,8830-513
30Wormwheel Set Screw,8830-510
31Wire Roller Nut,8830-522
32Threaded Spring Support8830-222
33Roller Tensioning Spring8830-508
34Plain Spring Support8830-221
35Tensioning Screw8830-509
36Retaining Screw, Front Wire Guide8830-523
37Front Bearing8830-504
38Front Bearing Retaining Ring8830-505
39Wire Guide Retaining Pin8830-530
40Rear Cover Positioner Dowel8830-501
 Arc-8830 Spray Gun Complete With Modified Gear Box, Close Head Assy., Elec. Motor 
 Breakup Price as Per Anex. 41
1. Main Body
 1. Yoke Inner. (2 Nos.) 
 1. Yoke Outer. (2 Nos.) 
 1. Support Tube 
 1. Support Tube Bearing 
 1. Yoke Bearing. (8 Nos.) 
 1. Roller. (4 Nos.) 
 1. Roller Shaft. (2 Nos.) 
 1. Spring Tensioning 
 1. Spring Tensioning Screw 
 1. Steel Gear 
 1. Bevel Gear Brass 
 1. Worm Shaft 
 1. Worm Wheel (4 Nos.) 
 1. Worm Wheel Retainer Screw 
 1. Long Rear Guide 
 1. Short Rear Guide 
 1. Long Front Wire Guide 
 1. Short Front Wire Guide 
 1. Front Bearing 
42Modified Gear Box 
43Complete Arc Drive Box Assy. 
44Close Head (Complete Assy.) 
45Electric Motor