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01 NICrB A nickel based coating which incorporates extremely hard particles in a hardened matrix. May be used in the ‘as sprayed’ state although it can be subsequently fused to form a pore free coating that is metallurgically bonded to the substrate. 550 HV As Sprayed Ground Excellent
02 Ni AIMo Produces extremely dense self bonded coatings with low oxide content and low porosity. Coatings are readily machinable and grind to an excellent finish. Rb 80 Ground Excellent
03 Hi C
Provides a dense coating that is somewhat harder than METALLISATION 60E. 450 Hv Ground Excellent
04 FeCrB Produces a hard, dense coating with almost no oxide content. Work hardens and grinds to an excellent finish. The hardest of all iron based materials. Rc 55 Ground Excellent
05 FeCrC Self bonding hard coating which may be used to give excellent non-skid textured surfaces or be used as wear resistant ground coating. Rc 60 As Sprayed Ground Good
06 FeCrMoAI A self bonding material producing a machinable coating giving good wear and corrosion resistance. Rb 80 Machine Excellent
07 FeCrTiC Finely dispersed carbides give extremely high wear resistance. The spherical form of the carbide gives less likelihood of counterface damage and reduced friction. Rc 50 (Carbide Rc 70) Ground Good
08 WC/Co in
a dense coating with TUNGSTEN CARBIDE particles embedded in a hardened steel matrix. Unlike nickel based materials, this is not suitable for corrosion resistant applications. 480 Hv Ground Fair
09 CuSN A Ductile Bronze Coating. Rb 29 Machine Excellent Ground Good
10 NiaI FLAMEBOND A high performance nickel Aluminium for use FLAMESPRAY BONDING as an alternative to 99E Molybdenum where Metallisation equipment is not available. N/A As Sprayed


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