We understand that high quality spray equipment without compatible, quality Coating materials can lead to less than desirable coatings. Only wires designed and produced for thermal spraying ensures trouble-free application and superior, consistent coatings. Strict specifications and production controls guarantee that each wire is manufactured to a precise metallurgical composition and free from surface defects and contaminants. Care is taken to ensure that our wires have the proper physical properties for thermal spraying — tensile strength, hardness, and surface finish — and that they are properly packed/spooled for reliable performance.

Thermal Spray Wire

All type of metals, alloys, stainless steel, molybdenum wires available in coil, spool to suit both flame and arc spray process.

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Product Description

Various Types Of Wires Available:

Stainless Spray I 18/8 types Chromium-Nickel, Austenite Machinable Rb 80-90 AISI 304

A general purpose stainless for corrosion protection. Resistant against sea water and slightly corrosive acids. Wear resistant also. Applications include pump shafts in ship building and fish processing industry, textile rolls.

Stainless Spray II Chrome alloyed. Grinding only Rc 42 – 48 AISI 420

Chromium steel for the application of hard layers, good wear resistance and emergency running characteristics. Substitute for hard chrome plating, fair corrosion-resistance, e.g. for plungers, hydraulic pistons, sliding surfaces, shafts and machine elements.

Stainless Spray III Chrom-Nickel-Moly- Austenite Steel. Machinable Rb 94 – 98, AISI 316

As stainless spray I, but with higher corrosion and wear resistance bright and shining finish.

Spray Steel 80 High carbon Steel, Grinding. Rc 42 – 48

A low shrink, high carbon steel wire developed for applying hard wear resistance coating, such as crankshafts, camshafts, etc.

Spay Steel 10 Low Carbon Steel, Machinable Rb 90 – 96

A general purpose carbon steel for rebuilding worn steel parts where excellent machinability is the main consideration. Fair wear resistance. Suitable for press fit mis-machined parts ball bearings seat etc.

Spray Steel 25 Mild Steel, Machinable Rc 30 – 35

This is a carbon steel similar to Spray Steel 10, except that it is harder and has a lower shrink factor. Machinability and wear characteristic are both good.

Molybdenum 99% Moly., Grinding, Rc 44 – 45

It is frequently used as a bond coat due to its very good bong strength between the surface of base metal and sprayed metal. Though molybdenum is a costly wire, the sprayed thickness required for excellent bonding is only 0.015″. It is also used as a top coat material due to low friction characteristics and high particle hardness. General applications are syncro rings, piston rings, clutch parts etc.

Nickel – Aluminide Hardness 20 – 25 HRC

A unique pre-alloyed wire of nickel & aluminium. Good resistance to high temperature oxidation and thermal shock. Excellent self bonding to many substrates. Used as bond coat also. Useful for brazing jigs, heating crucibles, casting ladles etc.

Aluminium – Bronze

Bronze containing about 9% aluminium. Resistant against wear and corrosion through sea water, low shrinkage, used in ship building, engine and machine construction.

Tin – Bronze

As above very good surface quality, limited corrosion resistance, e.g. for sea water main pumps, centrifugal pumps shafts.

Phos – Bronze

A phosphor bronze for special repair of phosphor bronze items. Machines well.

Tin Based Babbitt

Suitable for bearings, segment rings and bushes, can be subjected to high dynamic and static loads, extremely silent-running characteristics, also with tight fit, excellent emergency running characteristics.

Lead Based Babbitt

To be used as explained above, but only structural parts of less precision and with higher dimensional tolerance.

Copper Hardness 37 – 40 Rb

For coatings to serve as electrically conductive layers on non-conductive materials. For rolls and cylinders used in paper and textile industry.

Pure Nickel (99.9%)

For high-quality surface protection.

Pure Tin (99.9%)

For surface protection of food industry equipment.

Tin – Zinc

For obtaining solderable and conductive surface on non-conductive substrate. Also suitable for preparation of moulds for low pressure injection moulding.

Zinc (99.9%)

For protection of iron and steel structures of all types and size against corrosion both in atmosphere and when immersed in either fresh or salt water. External coating on LPG cylinders, Capacitors, internal coating of tanks, bridges, dam sections etc. Better corrosion protection than pure zinc.

Zinc Aluminum (85/15)

Aluminium (99.5%)

Corrosion protection against sea water, hot water and industrial atmospheres. Also for heat resistant for crucibles, firebox and doors & burner tubes, automobile exhausts.


Surface finishing in apparatus and machine construction. Coating may be applied on shaft or rolls, eliminating use of solid brass.


For anti corrosion applications.


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